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the human genome project pros and cons essay

elimination of diseases that once had a profound impact on agriculture. It could become the foundation of genetic racism. There are many who believe that any sort of experimentation

on human genetics is unethical and these detractors see The Human Genome Project as playing God to a certain extent. Reproduction would become more about what could be done in a laboratory. Pro: Health Benefits of HGP, the most important benefit of the Human Genome Project are the medical discoveries that can be linked to HGP. Another type of testing is predictive or pre-symptomatic testing. Understanding our genetic profile means doctors could diagnose conditions were more certainty, even if they coursework are rare. Numerous positions currently exist because of the research and work that the project completed. By comparing DNA samples, one from an individual and another collected, we have another method of identifying people who may have committed a crime. It is important to remember that there are both pros and cons associated with the Human Genome Project. We the have more creativity. If humans can be designed in a specific way through information developed by the Human Genome Project, then we would create the foundation for a new form of haves vs have nots. That being said, genetic testing is now available to essentially anyone. The mutation is the same genetic mutation in all persons affected. The medicine either worked for you, or it did not.

This is a con because the HGP shares personal information with organizations and government agencies. An example of this would be the brca poor tests. It may cause a loss in human diversity.

Even though the project has now existed for over two decades. We gain new perspectives, or HGP, as more is understood. Genome information can bring about a lot of good or evil. More changes will be made, cons, lets take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the Human Genome Project. Was a concerted effort to map all the genes present in the human body. Many serious conditions and diseases can be better understood dialogue and treated with the research that is obtained through the Human Genome Project. It could improve criminal justice proceedings. The Human Genome Project is also referred to as HGP and involves a global collaboration to gain more information about human genes. A type of testing called prenatal testing is offered during pregnancy to diagnose disease in fetuses that are at risk for certain diseases.

More than 20 different universities and research centers in the.S., Japan, China, and Europe were involved in the long-term project.Genes are very difficult to understand, because they are so complex and basically define what we are.