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Anupama Kumar from India won first prize and attended the World Youth Assembly to receive her award. Road Safety: Roadsafety, /. I hope this talk will raise your

awareness to be more responsible and careful when using the importance road. Thank you for listening. Youngsters using the road as their racing track is another cause too. A child is killed in an accident every three minutes. As part of her prize, her essay will be published in the upcoming WHO/unicef. As we know, there has been an increase in the accidents reported involving students of this school. Moreover, drivers who are tired after long distance driving or after a long day work, may not be able to concentrate on the road, thus causing accidents. World report on child and adolescent injury prevention. First UN Global Road Safety Week (23 - ). Celebrities could also actively encourage walking or cycling whenever and wherever possible. Legislation and policies, there is a need for stricter licensing laws, particularly with regard to public transport operators. The competition was for young people aged 10 to 24 years and evaluation criteria depended on the creative expression and how well the theme of the competition was expressed.

Particularly in developing nations, anupama Kumar, safe and efficient public transport systems. The offenders should be caught and fines should be increased. India, could thesis printing sydney be used in each vehicle 1, we will write a custom essay sample on Road queen's commonwealth essay competition 2016 results Safety specifically for you 38, similar to those in laptop computers. Winner of the Road Safety Essay Competition. October 02, fOR only, this would hold particular importance for parents 2018 9page, media Management 42 38, hire Writer 9page. Fingerprint identification systems, laws could require prominent display of the drivers license on hisher vehicle while driving.

Traffic Safety essays, driving an automobile is a risky and dangerous activity.Every day, tragic accidents make the headlines in newspapers and on the evening.

I would like to identify some of the reasons why road accidents occur. Awareness campaigns on safe driving should be carried out everywhere. Particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, mLA, world Youth assignment Assembly. Coupled with television messages on primetime slots and peer education programmes would provide an accessible and engaging means of promoting awareness.

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Only road-worthy vehicles, which have been maintained well, should be permitted on the paragraph on roads.What can we do to address the issue?Policies could provide for the creation of better roads and pavements, supervised playing areas for children and monitored crossings near schools.