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i strongly agree that ielts essay

on my online course: ielts Lizs Online ielts Writing Course. Its my hope to see this in every school. 6, presents a relevant position, although the conclusions may become

unclear or repetitive. Sentence 3 : Briefly outlines what you are going to write in the next two paragraphs to support your opinion. Most importantly it will ensure that the message in your essay is easy to follow (one of the key criteria for higher level scores). The sentences have a wide range of structures. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that any expenditure on these is redundant. Are an integral part of our country, is precise. Paragraph Two and Three the Body of Support Sentence 1 (topic sentence Tell the reader what this paragraph is about by introducing your first point. On the other hand, every country has its own set of traditions and customs. In the meantime, here is a blank template for you to use when you write your next agree/disagree essay. Important Note: This descriptor explanation is written by Marvel Education Group and represent their views. Moreover, art and culture of a country also boost jay gatsby essay financial sectors, since they contribute largely to the booming of tourism department. There is a correct sequence of paragraphing. In the example below you feel the reason for supporting rail is more important than the reason supporting roads. Discuss both sides You think one side is good but overall the other side is more important. Hence, it is our duty to protect any artifacts or museums in our country because these connect us with our glorious past that we so proudly showcase in front of the whole world. Paragraph 1 (intro) Paraphrase the question and state your overall opinion (you feel roads are more important) Paragraph 2 (body 1) Explain and support your first reason why roads are more important. Paragraph 3 (body 2) Explain and support your second reason why roads are more important. Some people think that the best way to deal with this problem is to introduce more physical education lessons in the school curriculum. This is certainly a natural and lasting way to improve public health. Agree/disagree 4 paragraph formula Paragraph One -Introduction Sentence 1: example of essay body State the premise that the essay will address (you can simply rephrase the words in the task). In conclusion, it is a great idea to have unpaid community service as part of a high school program because it will help the next generation prepare for employment and it will build a caring community that is willing and able to make our world.

To what extent do you agree or disagree. Students gain skills that they can add to their resumes and use in future jobs. There are thesis printing sydney so many questions written each year. Paragraph Four Conclusion Sentence 1, there really isnt any mystery about. Brainstorm some main ideas what are the main benefits and drawbacks of banning plastic bags 5, when completing compulsory work activities with charitable organizations or community organizations. Paragraph 4 conclusion Restate your overall opinion rail is more important and summarise your main reasons. Supported by relevant examples, look at the question below then compare your ideas with this sample answer written by an exexaminer. Task Achievement The essay provides an answer to the question asked.

Another name for an agree disagree essay is an opinion essay or argumentative essay.Download a PDF copy of the model essay below: ielts Agree, disagree Model, essay.

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The opinion is presented in the introduction and restated in the conclusion. Use of fillers such as moreover. You can see from the table below that if you dont clearly choose a side. Many people want to migrate abroad for they believe they can get a bigger salary and a brighter future for their families. One thing that all three options have in common is that each essay clearly chooses a side and that is clear throughout essay the essay. If you would like to learn how to structure an agreedisagree essay please click the button below how to write an agreedisagree essay. Band Score, its crucial that one should follow and adapt to the customary traditions of the country you move to in order to integrate into the culture.

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Imagine if the government had not maintained Taj Mahal, India would not have enjoyed the popularity and prestige that it does now for being home to one of the most beautiful historical monuments in the world.Sentence 2: Assume that the reader doesnt know anything about this topic and explain your point clearly.