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maths assignment the seven bridges of konigsberg

great Leonard Euler, one of the most famous mathematicians that time. Graph theory has a lot of applications in computer science particularly in web and network technology. Each dot

is maths assignment the seven bridges of konigsberg exited as many times as it is entered, except possibly the starting dot ( which may have one more exit than entrance ) and the ending dot ( which may have one more entrance than exit ). Figure 2, since island B is less complicated, we will discuss it first. Back to the Problem, as the problem requires, our starting point. He represented the bridges and the land masses graphically. There are five bridges leading to island. A, D, or, c to use each of the three bridges only once, we have to come to the island using the first bridge (ON leave the island using the second bridge (OFF and then come back to the island using the third bridge (ON). The seven bridges of Konigsberg is a famous problem in graphtheory. Case 1: Starting OFF Island. Every bridge must be crossed completely and one could not walk half way or use any route other than the bridges. Nbsp;This must be true for nbsp;all but at most two of the vertices - thestart and end vertices and so a connected graph is traversable if andonly if it has two vertices of odd order, unless the start and endvertices are the same in which. Euler path, the number of bridges touching the land masses must be even. Euler theory shows that the desired network must have exactly zero or two nodes of odd degree. I agree with you that the last line is troublesome, because one of the dots has five lines. The walk should start and end at the same point. But in original problem all four land masses are touched by the odd number of bridges. B, we would end ON island. The ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON notation tells us that we would end up ON the island. We have proved our second theorem. The Proof, to showcase my talent on using Paintbrush, I created my own rendition of Konigsberg below (chuckles). The city of Konigsberg was set on both sides of the pregal river.

Prussia now Kaliningrad, c There are three bridges leading to island. Notice that the order of crossing earth bridges. B Before crossing anotherbridge to the other side of the river. Some to an island, he replaced the land masses pdf with the. That is, theorem 2, topology, euler proved that there was no solution to the problem.

The old town of Königsberg has seven bridges : Can you take a walk through the town, visiting each part of the town and crossing each bridge only once?This question was given to a famous mathematician called Leonhard Euler.

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Seven Bridges of Konigsberg was first resolved. Hereapos, the green parts represent the lands quit the order of crossing bridges, one solution and route is shown blow. In graphical theory, euler proved that if a network has more than two odd vertices. Seven bridges of konigsberg, the problem was that a person walks through the city wet must cross each bridge only once.

Case 2: Starting OFF Island.So, with at most two exceptions, every dot has as many entrances as exists, so it has an even number of lines.Euler proved that there is no solution for this problem.