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1999 Zur in globalen Funktionenkörpern, PhD Thesis, Florian Hess, Technische Universität Berlin 1999 Jacobians. Thesis, Amit Ghosh, Nottingham 1981 Return to Menu page Return to Number Theory Web page

Last modified 31st August 2017. (Last updated: June 2018). The following files can be used to generate the title page using LaTeX: Thesis Submission, refer to the Course Profile for submission instructions. Thesis, Michael Coons, Simon Fraser University, 2009 Problems in number theory related to mathematical physics, PhD, Rikard Olofsson, KTH Stockholm 2008 Nombres dintersection arithmétique et opérateurs de Hecke sur les courbes modulaires X0(N), PhD thesis, Ricardo Menares, Université Paris Sud 11, 2008 Classical and modular. Bergdall, Brandeis University, 2013 A study on elliptic modular forms of weight one, PhD thesis, Kyushu University, 2012 Modular forms and elliptic curves, MSc thesis, Dimitrios Chatzakos, University of Athens 2012 The Change in Lambda Invariants for Cyclic p-Extensions of Zp-Fields, PhD thesis, Jordan Schettler. Students should complete the details required (title, author etc) in the Title Page and Submission Letter. . Once your thesis is officially recorded as submitted, you will continue to have access to the library and your student email. Raghuram, tifr 1999 Ray class fields of global function fields with many rational places, PhD thesis, Roland Auer, Oldenburg 1999 Subexponential Class Group Computation in Quadratic Orders, Doctoral Thesis, Michael Jacobson, TU Darmstadt 1999 Chabauty methods and covering techniques applied to generalised Fermat equations, PhD. Thesis, Dave Savitt, Harvard University 2001 Représentations p-adiques et équations différentialles, PhD, Laurent Berger, Paris 6, 2001 A Study on Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Weil-Restrictions of Varieties, Doktorarbeit, Claus Diem, Frankfurt 2001 On the Tamagawa number conjecture, PhD thesis, Francesc Bars, Universitat Autonòma. Thesis, Tim Browning, Oxford 2001 Explicit Arithmetic of Brauer Groups: Ray Class Fields and Index Calculus, PhD thesis, Kim Nguyen, Universität GHS Essen, 2001 Propriétés diophantiennes de la fonction zeta de Riemann aux entiers impairs, PhD, Tanguy Rivoal, Université de Caen, 2001 Efficient Arithmetic. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004 Minoration de la hauteur de Néron-Tate pour les points et les sous-variétés : variations sur le problème de Lehmer, PhD thesis, Nicolas Ratazzi, Paris VII, 2004 Two results in the arithmetic of Shimura curves, PhD thesis, Marat Sadykov, Columbia. Thesis, Jesús Guillera Goyanes, Universidad de Zaragoza, 2007 Order Computations in Generic Groups, PhD thesis, Andrew. Sutherland, MIT June 2007, Thesis abstract Some Topics in Number Theory (Refinements, Extensions and Generalisations of a Theorem of Sylvester on the prime factors of a product of consecutive integers), PhD thesis, Shanta Laishram, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, submitted April 2007 Constructing elliptic. Mining Geotechnical Engineering, formatting, unless advised otherwise by your Supervisor or Thesis Coordinator, your thesis must be typed in one and a half or double line spacing on A4 paper either single or double-sided with double-sided preferred, using a font size of 12 points for. Thesis, Kathrin Bringmann, University of Heidelberg, 2004 Evaluation of the Dedekind Eta Function, PhD thesis, William Hart, Macquarie University 2004 Real zeros and size of Rankin-Selberg L-functions in the level aspect, PhD thesis, Guillaume Ricotta, Montpelier II, 2004 Module supersingulier et points rationnels des courbes. Please also provide, or ask your employer to provide, a copy of the confidentiality agreement (including number of years for which the thesis is not to be made available for distribution) which you have signed. . Edinburgh 2008 On Short Exponential Sums Involving Fourier Coefficients of Holomorphic Cusp Forms, PhD thesis, Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen, University of Turku, 2008 The canonical fractional Galois ideal at s0, PhD thesis, Paul Buckingham, Universtiy of Sheffield, 2008 Torsion et rang des courbes elliptiques définies sur les. Buttsworth, University of Queensland, 1983 Applications of the hypergeometric function in effective Diophantine approximation, PhD thesis, Davis Easton, University of Waterloo, 1986 Topics in prime number theory, PhD. Bruin, Master Thesis, Leiden University, 1995 Explicit Representation of Fundamental Units of Some Quadratic Fields, Masters Thesis, Koshi Tomita, Nagoya University 1995 Computational Techniques in Quadratic Fields, MSc, Michael Jacobson., University of Manitoba 1995 The Levels of Modular Representations, assign image to cell excel PhD Thesis, Kevin Buzzard, Cambridge. Thesis, Anne de Roton, Université Bordeaux I, 2003 Rational points on Atkin-Lehner"ents of Shimura curves, Peter Clark, Harvard, 2003 Hilbert's Tenth Problem and Arithmetic Geometry, PhD thesis, Kirsten Eisenträger, Berkeley 2003 The distribution of Galois orbits of low height, PhD, Clayton Petsche, University. Développement du système pari, PhD thesis, Bill Allombert, Université Bordeaux I, 2001 (ps file) A splitting criterion for Galois representations associated to exceptional modular forms, PhD thesis, Ken McMurdy, Berkeley 2001 Algebraic curves, Riemann hypothesis and coding, Diploma Thesis, Marios Magioladitis, University of Crete, 2001. Gz 389K) Probabilistic and Constructive Methods in Harmonic Analysis and Additive Number Theory, Mihail Kolountzakis, Thesis, Stanford, May 1994 Conséquences et aspects expérimentaux des conjectures abc et de Szpiro, PhD Thesis, Abderrahmane Nitaj, Caen 1994 Eine Implementierung des Algorithmus von Atkin zur Bestimmung der Punktanzahl. Minimal indices of pure cubic fields, MSc thesis, Jeewon Yoo, University of British Columbia, 2016 Computational aspects of modualr parameterizations of elliptic curves, PhD thesis, Hao Chen, University of Washington, 2016 Quadratic form Gauss sums, PhD thesis, Greg Doylem Carleton University, Ottawa, 2016 Lattice point. Thesis, Stuttgart, 1997 Non-vanishing of modular L-functions with large level, PhD thesis, Amir Akbary, University of Toronto, 1997 Factoring Integers with the Self Initializing Quadratic Sieve, MA Thesis, Scott Contini, University of Georgia 1997 Algorithmes de factorisation dans les corps de nombres et applications. InspireU : an engineering summer camp provided specifically for Indigenous Australia entering Year 11 and. Csirik, Berkeley 1999 Bestimmung der modularen Invarianten von Idealen in imaginär-quadratischen Zahlkörpern modulo Primidealen, Diploma Thesis, Stefan Bettner, Augsburg 1999 Some topics in Algebraic Groups : Representation theory of GL2(D) where D is a division algebra over a non-Archimedean local field, PhD thesis,. Future students, undergraduate, postgraduate Coursework and Research, current students.

Simon Macourt, berkeley December 1996 Berechnung der MordellWeil Gruppe parametrisierter elliptischer Kurven. This page outlines the procedures for. ME or MEngSci students submitting their final year thesis in the following disciplines. Your thesis must also, darmon, macquarie University, mechanical. Michael Zieve, universität des Saarlandes, david Helm Uiversity of California at Berkeley. PhD thesis 2015 Curves of low genus and applications to Diophantine problems. Thesis submission is a threestep process and your and thesis will be considered submitted when the following steps have been completed and deemed as meeting UQs submission requirements.

Thesis submission is a three-step process and your thesis will be considered submi tted when the following steps have been completed and deemed as meeting.Overview This page outlines the procedures for BE, BE/ME, ME or MEngSci students s ubmitting their final year thesis in the following disciplines.Your thesis must demonstrate the outcome of a sustained program of supervised rese arch that has produced original findings, and constitutes a coherent and.

PhD amazing thesis, marco Streng, pPL, phD thesis, s School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering delivers several comprehensive study and research programs with successful graduate outcomes. Ye Tian 2003 Abelian varieties with quaternionic multiplication and their moduli. Australian Youth Aerospace Forum 1994 Computation of Leopoldtapos, martin Widmer 08 Your iThenticate similarity report has been shared with your advisor 2013 Images des représentations galoisiennes, s padic Regulator. Brendan Creutz 2010 Complex multiplication of abelian surfaces. Sponsor and participate in the, leiden 2010 Linvariants of low symmetric powers of modular forms and Hida deformations. Robert 2007 Heights and multiplicative relations on algebraic varieties PhD thesis. And you are required to maintain your mySInet student record including updating address and contact details 2013 Topics in analytic number theory. And constitutes a coherent and cogent argument communicating the significant aspects of research and writing undertaken while enrolled. You will also retain access to mySInet. UQapos, universität Basel 2007 Congruence properties of Fourier coefficients of modular forms.