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soundtrack of my life essay

heard Natashas songs on the radio all of the time, but hearing the song for just three minutes was not enough. This song made me completely fearless, and I

wasnt sure if that was a good or bad thing. The songs I selected show the importance of knowing where I come from and the value of family. Im feelin electric tonight/ Cruising down the coast, goin bout 99/ Got my bad baby by my heavenly side/ I know if I go, Ill be happy tonight These specific lyrics were my absolute favorite. I have hundreds of songs that I love and listen to, but I want to focus on five that have a significant meaning to my life. This is the Soundtrack to my life. I can relate to the author of the song by listening to the lyrics. Thinking about this can make one drown in fear. English Coursework - 'The Soundtrack to my life' Music is a love of mine; I can say that I cannot really go through a day without listening to some music. Music is a very important aspect of life and perhaps even the most powerful. Pocketful of Sunshine was my new favorite song and was great from escaping from bad days at school or listening to on a perfect, sunshine day! This song gives me a gradual adrenaline rush because the beat of the song is steady at first, but slowly goes into a fast beat that makes me unstoppable! It allows me to speak without talking and feel a particular way. I was drowning in freedom and I loved it! The Sunday Eagles games, Soft Pretzels, Hoagies, the jersey shore vacations, family, and so much more. Perhaps thats probably why it speaks vividly. My body tells me no/ But I wont quit/ Cause I want more The lyrics sound like theyd be coming from someone who is wild and crazy. This particular song is an instant reminder of last summer, which was the best summer of my life. After brainstorming lists of important events in their imparfait essayer lives, teens select music that represents those events. But when you get to the chorus it shows that the teenagers rebel, we know this from the line: So darken your clothes Or strike a violent pose This is how the present is for most teenagers and how it will continue into the future. When I was trying to process what was going to happen and how serious this was I would put writing resume for college application my head phones and shut out the world and listen to this song. These lyrics mean that our time on Earth is so precious and at any moment, we could all be gone. It made me realize what is important in life and how to overcome struggles. Music reminds me of happy times, such as the summer, and because of this I love listening to music and it gives me many songs that I can put into the soundtrack to my life.read more.

Songs can associate with memories, my music taste ranges that from pop bands like McFly to heavy metal such as Slipknot. Always has been and always will. These days the main examples music I like is that of Rock. The lyrics are intriguing, how ve been afraid of changing apos.

Free, essay : Soundtrack of my Life, throughout my life I have heard many songs and many of them have remained with me in my memories.Music is one of the most important elements of my life.It reveals me for who I really.

Soundtrack of my life essay

Sometimes when I listen to this song I can close my eyes and remember was the assignment of patients to treatments randomised these memories. These are the best memories, she said, the lyrics. I would sit on his lap and eat my breakfast and enjoy the company of my family. Take me away treasure island essay take me away a secret place a secret place A sweet escape. I remember standing there just staring in absolute awe.