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above reasons could pose a significant risk to their business, particularly if the acquisition is in a developing country where cultural differences are in stark contrast to Australia. Requires

people power to cultivate a customer base. This could lead to licensor losing potential profit, as they will be losing potential returns from manufacturing sector since another firm will be able to produce their goods. Retrieved from. Derived from Department of Statistics, Singapore Duncan Innes-Ker singapore SG Percentage change in real GDP, over previous year. Strategy amp; Leadership, 30(4. Having a high percentage of the population concentrated in urban areas like Country A is an attractive feature for a company looking to expand to a new market. DOI: /10.4135/.n9 eiucountry Data, (2017). Out of 5, you are currently viewing a preview. Risks Limited control over licensee/operations. Greenfield ventures on the other hand, give businesses the opportunity to build the kind of company they have envisioned from the ground up and it is much easier to build an organisational culture and operating systems and routines from scratch than try to change the. Population below poverty line.9 (around 277.45 million people) in Country A and.4 in Country B further indicates that Country B is likely to have more potential customers than Country. However, for high value-to-weight tech-based products such crime and education essay as personal computers, computer software and so on, transport costs can be a very minor component of total landed cost (Hill., 2014). Government is more lenient. Furthermore, only 26 of Country As population have access and/or use internet, whereas Country B has a population.3 internet users. You also run the risk of being preempted by a competitor via an acquisition of their own which can then limit market potential for the greenfield venture once it is finally up and running. BSB 119 Assessment One tutor: sally zillman Semester 2, 2017 Part A: Conclusion 1: For a business specialised in exporting agricultural products such as meat, fruits and vegetables, Country A would be a more favourable option to set up than Country. If the purchasing company is well prepared and very culturally aware however, then acquiring highly trained staff with vast knowledge of local business practices can be a huge advantage and reduce the likelihood of mistakes based on cultural ignorance. These indicate that there will be very few to no competitors in agriculture field that have set standards for exporting their products worldwide. Gadiesh,., amp; Ormiston,. While acquisitions can be more cost effective, as mentioned above, businesses can sometimes pay far too much, particularly if there are multiple parties interested in its sale. Out of 4, assignment ONE case study 20 BSB119 samuel quelch Word writing my resignation letter count: 828 part A 1 Conclusion 1: The data between country A (71.2) and B (97.5) states the country A is lacking adult literacy and for a potential international business proposition for country. Held accountable for whatever happens. Acquisitions are often seen as being less risky than greenfield ventures as businesses are purchasing assets with a known revenue stream and profit margins, whereas the revenue and profits of a greenfield venture are completely unknown as they do not yet exist. In return for giving the licensee these rights, the licensor collects royalty fee on every unit the licensee sells. Malaysia and Philippines: Selected series 2012 to 2022 Datafile. Derived from Statistics Sweden Danielle Haralambous 4/08/2017 sweden SE Source: Economist Intelligence Unit (2017) PARnternational Licencing is considered a non-equity independent mode of entry as it is cost efficient for small businesses trying to extend their brand name overseas as licensing bears minimum risks commonly. Gadiesh and Ormiston list five major reasons for these failures: Poor strategic rationale Overpayment of the acquisition Inadequate integration planning and execution A void in executive leadership and strategic communications A severe cultural mismatch (Gadiesh and Ormiston, 2002). Six rationales to guide merger success. In addition, of urban population plays an important role in choosing Country A over Country. Leading for new agricultural business opportunities to prosper like online ordering, widening communication towards agricultural farmers where most of country As population is located and giving them the opportunity to exchange goods for services between country A and B using the newly implemented internet access. Acquisitions are quick to execute once you have acquired an established company, you can quickly build your market presence in the target market. Retrieved from bra. Country As GDP of USD1,161 billion is more than triple that of Country B (USD320 billion but once adjusted, the GDP per capita (PPP) for both countries are USD9,592 and USD8,000 respectively, which are both well below the world average of USD15,672 (World Bank, 2015. Handle all logistics of the transaction. World Bank (2015) Fixed broadband subscriptions (per 100 people) Data file.

Vehicles, that essay equates to over 1 million sales. If even 5 of this segment purchased your product 79 of the Country As 120 million population lives in essay urbanised areas. McGrawHill Education, to implement the education system 3 suggest that there is greater income inequality in Country. As many people today prefer to shop online rather than shop in store. As it is very uncommon for people living in urban areas to move to rural parts of the country 2014 5, country Bs urban population is estimated.

Less cultural obstacles Quick cash flow. Management can also be overly optimistic about bsb119 global business assignment 1 the value that can be created from acquisitions known as the Hubris Hypothesis especially if acquiring a company makes them the top dog in their industry this can lead to an exaggerated sense of abilities which bsb119 global business assignment 1 leads. Joint Ventures and Alliances, in The sage handbook of international marketing. To start of the international business of education they would need to construct more schools and advertise the development using visuals like billboards and posters while also vocalising the development on education with tv adverts where many of the countrys population will notice the change. Country A has a population of nearly 72 times larger. World Bank 2015 GDP per capita PPP current international Data file. Asiapacific edifjon 3rd, s perspective, licensing Exporting Benefits Low risk and low commitment of resources. Licensing also grants substantial control to the licensee 98 Licensing is when a licensor licenses the right to produce its product. Fast market access, exporting involves producing goods at one country and shipping them to another country for sale.

Growth within export lead development.Country Bs main exports include chemicals and automotive components which suggests that perhaps there is a greater percentage of skilled workers compared to Country.