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essay on switzerland

unevenly distributed, with the principal concentrations occurring in the Swiss plateau. Waterpower is the chief natural resource of Switzerland. Other important rivers are the Rhone, Ticino, and Inn.

Much of the precipitation occurs during the winter in the form of snow; the peaks of most mountains about 9000. There were huge pine and oak trees in some parts of the mountainous region. Although this place has really convinced going back there again.read more. As they grew more powerful, these urban strongholds started to exert control over the neighbouring rural communities. Although most people still lived in the countryside, working the land, powerful towns and cities began to emerge during the Middle Ages thanks to a revival in trade and commerce. The air was fresh and we enjoyed the cool breeze blowing. Up until the 19th century, famine and extreme poverty forced many Swiss to emigrate in search of a better life. However being there is nothing compared to looking at pictures or watching te places of interest on television. Agricultural resources are limited, as most of the soil is leached and stony. Large glaciers are at higher elevations, especially in the Alps. The population of Switzerland is 7,240,463, yielding an overall population density of 454 persons per. At higher elevations, the flora consists of Alpine species such as edelweiss, anemone, lily, and mugho and Swiss pines. The place was wonderful. Among these perpetual allies were Graubünden, Valais, the town and abbey. Switzerland in famous for its many lakes, particularly those of the Alpine region, known for their scenic beauty. Granite, limestone, and other building stones and salt are the only abundant mineral resources; small deposits of iron and manganese ores are found. We could not hear any birds chirp nor was the place occupied by people. Annually; the higher regions generally receive more precipitation. I had heard quite a few facts about the country also had seen many pictures of the scenery of the country. All we could hear is noise from fellow tourists. Chamois and marmots inhabit the Alpine regions. Highly productive forests cover 29 percent of the total land area, primarily at elevations between about. The ethnic composition of Switzerland is generally defined by the major language communities: German, French, Italian, and Romansh (Rhaeto-Romanic). However fishing and boating facilities were absent because of safety reasons.

Essay on switzerland

It extends from essay on switzerland Lake Geneva in the extreme southwest to the Bodensee Lake of Constance in the extreme northeast. It was a family trip, the sound of the bells, lastly the trip had to come to an end and we were back in England. The Old Swiss Confederacy began to take root from the end of the Middle Ages and the start of the Early Modern era 203, the temperature decreases about 3 F for every additional 1000.

On the south by Italy, with more than 70 percent of its area covered by the Alps. When Confederate soldiers began using the white cross essay on switzerland as their field sign. And Slavic or Dinaric descent, in the other parts the forest had been cleared to make way for housing and grazing land. Date back to 1339 and the historic Battle of Laupen. They rang while the cows were walking. Relations within the cantons and with neighbours also varied. And the Jura, the country has an area. Bounded on the north by France and Germany.