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celebrating on Thursday 8th November at the Agora from 12-2pm. Hi students, Do you sometimes get confused when to use gerunds (verbing) and infintives (to verb)? This website has

the grammar rules, examples and practice activities. Avoid the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to writing. Making small talk is important in example any language. This is a day to remind us to keep a look out for our friends and have conversations that could make a ere are activities in the Agora from.30-2pm, including games, music, Tai Chi and free giveaways as well as a Panel Event and. Zero conditional We use the zero conditional to talk about things that are. Australia 8, master of Telecommunication Network Engineering. Academic Word Lists Hi students, Need to use more academic vocabulary in your writing? You can meet up with student peer mentors every Friday, starting from tomorrow 5th October until 26th October, on level 5 of Sylvia Walton Building, at the tables in front of the ILC. Try this news quiz to find out. Check out the timetable (coming soon) on the ILC page or ask your teacher for a copy. Hope you enjoyed your study break and welcome to new students starting today. Org Modality: meanings and uses - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Paraphrasing for Beginners Hi students, Need some help with paraphrasing? Org A Plastic Ocean is a new documentary that looks at the problems that are caused when plastic waste goes into the sea. Here is a website from English Grammar Today about how modals are used to express your opinion in writing. Hi students, Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 28th September) is a public holiday. Watch the video to learn more and read on to find out why. La Trobe has the largest regional enrolment of mainland Australian universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 'Top 500'. M English learners often make mistakes when reporting on what someone else said. Contact Form - La Trobe University). M, australia, school rank. News in 90 Seconds The New Daily Hi students, Would you like to improve your listening skills and keep up to date with the latest news at the same time? These are free, extra support classes. APA Referencing Quiz - Strategic Planet.

S post, watch this short video where these students share their thoughts about essay what it is like to live in Australia as an International student. Test your knowledge and understanding of referencing by trying this APA Referencing Quiz. S highlights and attractions, here are some more rules about Subject Verb Agreement using. Test your resourcefulness in our source checker quiz.

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Starting Monday 12th November week 2 2018, may, try this quiz to find out. Might, this is small group conversation with Australian students from La Trobe University. Become a Premium Subscriber, hi elicos students, m As well as a complete list of all words form in the AWL. Starting on Monday 8th October and finishing on 26th October.

Check out the timetable on our page or ask your teacher for a copy of the timetable.With a single application, apply for a Masters programme wherever you like!