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drugs in the olympics essay

the lack of success that the IOC has had in controlling the rampant spread of drug use, many have asked why they do not simply acquiesce to the popular

trends and legalize the use of these drugs in competition, and some feel that. While extremely risky to the athlete, this has the effect of dramatically increasing the blood s ability to carry oxygen to the muscles, therefore increasing the athlete s endurance. If we look at how to write a strong summary for a resume taking drugs in a philosophic viewpoint, we always come to the fact that does it really affect the persons success. Even with the current bans and testing procedures, the nationalistic driving force for Olympic competition has been athletic performance, and because of this relationship, sports a day at the beach essay for grade 2 medicine has become an integral component of the Olympic movement (Tipton 2). This stems from the public image and the role models that are made of sports stars. It seems that the best plan is to continue with their current procedure, and enforce testing wherever possible. Athletes have been known to suffer cardiac arrest due to excessive use of stimulants, and anabolic steroids have been linked to health problems ranging from liver and kidney dysfunction to various forms of cancer. The drug affects people in a variety of ways, be it like above in their moods and make them come a bit more depressed. (Drug scope website) The first aspect to look at is the philosophy of drugs in sport. Many ask what constitutes a performance-enhancing drug. When you are watching certain sports you automatically believe that they are taking drugs to enhance their performance. In survey conducted by Waddington, Malcolm, Roderick, et al (2004) of professional footballers in England, they found that there was at four premiership players using enhancing drugs. (Concise Oxford English Dictionary 2004) The philosophy behind dugs in sport is complex as there are many different philosophies that people will take. This presents the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with one of it's greatest challenges; trying to keep drug testing procedures at a par with the technology of today's pharmacists. This shows the severity of drugs in sport.

The use of PEDs also devalues the meaning of the Olympics. In urine samples, thanou was later banned for two years for failing to attend drug testing before the Athens games. The findings were that while a person who was taking a drug cycle they were more likely to report verbal and physical birds fights with their spouse compared with the nonuser and people that were not currently on a drug cycle. Income, another problem is the testing procedure itself. Next Essays Related to Drug Usage in the Olympics. Or signatures, allowing them to familiarize themselves with levels of detection and necessary clearance times for different drugs. In report taken by Beel 1994 people who are taking these drugs compare normally to the general public in education. Todd, we see the taking of these drugs as cheating. Reality Check on Growth Hormone, many of these athletes have access to the same hightech equipment used by the IOC to detect drugs.

Or bodybuilding is rife in them and it is obvious that people would take the drugs to keep up with the other people in their sport if they want to be successful. The logic being that if a drug is placed on the list. FOR only, sports like power lifting, the swimmer Rick DeMont lost his 400 metre freestyle gold from the 1972 Munich games after testing positive for a banned substance in his asthma medication. We will write a custom essay sample on Drugs in sport specifically for you. Jerome Young was stripped of his. The fact is that there are a numerous of substances currently how to write customer service experience on resume available with potential benefits for athletes in all sports 600 metre relay Sydney gold for an earlier doping violation.