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a provision of any Act knocks down a provision of an Article in Part III of the constitution. Deal of Fundamental Rights as specified in the Constitution has, however

been much criticized. The President may ask the Prime Minister to continue to hold office until his successor enters upon the office of Prime Minister. The abrogation of Fundamental rights will breach the basic formation of the Constitution. Writ of Mandamus is utilised for public purposes and is issued by the courts of law when a specific request is made for the purpose. To that extent the application of fundamental rights can be suspended by an Act of Parliament. This interpretation taken to its logical conclusions was bound to result in confrontation between the legislature and judiciary. Only few rich or politically awakened legal minded citizen can take advantage of these and not the masses. All shall be equal in holding public offices and will be thrown open on the basis of the ability of the person concerned without any consideration for caste, creed, religion or sex. Provided that the President may require the Cabinet or as the case may be, the Prime Minister to reconsider such advice, either generally or otherwise, and the President shall act in accordance with the advice tendered after such reconsideration President shall act in his discretion. The Prevention of Public Disorder which subsequently became an Act. Fundamental Rights Essay 2 (300 words) The need to provide fundamental rights to the citizens was felt after the French Revolution and the US freedom struggle. Essay on Evaluation of the Fundamental Rights. Under these critical situations constitution was the best define explain essay plate form to govern the Islamic state of Pakistan This constitution represented a compromise consensus on three issues: the role of Islam; the sharing of power between the federal government and the provinces; and the division. (9) No restriction on occupation or business if that person follow the lawful and positive thinking; Provided that nothing in this Article shall prevent: - the regulation of any trade or profession by a licensing system; or the carrying on, by the Federal Government. Essay on the Right to Freedom. Then it should also be seen that the restrictions are so imposed that these help in promoting Directive Principles of the State Policy and do not go against these. Children, below the age of 14 years are not allowed to work in mines or factories where the risk of life is involved. (13) Protection against double punishment and self incrimination. Peculiar Features of the Fundamental Rights Fundamental Rights are not absolute. Freedom of press which is included in the wider liberty of expression is also subjected to reasonable limitations and the state can inflict restriction on freedom of the press in the superior interest of the state or for the avoidance of contempt of court, defamation. Constitutional validity of this ordinance was also challenged but Supreme Court did not agree with the petitioners.

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Under Act 19 of the constitution assignment it is provided that the citizens shall have right of freedom of expression. But the position was again reviewed in the case. In 1971, v how It was left undefined or unspecified.

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The Government of India passed Preventive Detention Act. In 1947, in other respects these differ from these as well. The Rights guaranteed to the people are not absolute. In 1980, national Security Ordinance was promulgated which empowered the government to detain persons responsible for communal or caste essay fundamental rights riots or in such activities which were essay fundamental rights prejudicial to national security. Such a person could be detained for a maximum period of 12 months but he was given a right to challenge decision of the government in a court of law.

Directive Principles of State Policy Essay.The Directive Principles of State Policy are guidelines to the central and state governments of India, to be kept in mind while framing laws and policies.The President in case of dissolution of the National Assembly under paragraph (b) of clause (6) shall, within fifteen days of the dissolution, refer the matter to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court shall decide the reference within thirty days whose decision shall.Retrieved from p?vref1 Reference Copied to Clipboard.