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mouse trap car essay

rid of mice, it can teach us a lot about physics, too! The load is the arm of the spring that is being pushed down to compress the spring.

Smaller axle Less string per turn which increases distance. A simple snap-back mousetrap is an ingenious machine. (viii) In crossed belt drive, the directions of rotation of two pulleys connected by it are opposite. Newton's third law of motion states that whenever one object assignment exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first. The distance between the opened and closed positions of the bar of a mousetrap is typically 10 cm, so this is how much string would be pulled. Final Exam Paper.universiti TUN hussein ONN malaysia final examination semester II session 2011/2012 course name course code programme examination date duration instruction : : : : : : mechanics OF machines BDA20303 / BDA2033 2 BDD june 2012 3 hours part A: answer ALL questions. The cars we will test will be made of common and inexpensive materials. Small wheels will require more revolutions to move the same distance while large wheels will require more torque to make them begin to turn. Also, an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. 3 4 5 6, in addition to mousetrap cars, contests have been created for mousetrap boats. But there is friction and in order to overcome friction you have to do more work. Torsion springs obey an angular form. Therefore, the smaller the mass of the car, the faster the acceleration and force. Of course, all that potential energy can be put to other uses besides getting rid of mice. It is analogous to the spring constant of a linear spring. If my mousetrap car has too much friction, the energy in the spring will be turned too quickly and my mousetrap car will not travel very far or accelerate very fast. (iii) Straight bevel gears are used to connect two intersecting co-planer shafts. By winding the spring on your mousetrap car, you store energy in the spring as potential energy. This paper outlines Day treatment, Intensive Case Management, Life Skills, Housing Stability, Financial Stability, and Family Therapy. Then these laws will apply to our mousetrap car and they will affect the outcome of the distance traveled in our mousetrap data results.

Two simple machines that can be used to cause forward movement. The essay problem that I identified was using the least materials. The smaller the friction is, assignments newtonapos, the design of the cars will consist of simple wheel and axel setups and a lever.

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Mousetrap Car Essay, with the load in the middle. With out the right amount of friction doctor the wheels attached to the drive axle will slip due to all the torque. Make sure that the wheels have comparative good traction.

Mousetrap cars are often used in physics or other physical science classes to help students build problem-solving skills, develop spatial awareness, learn to budget time, and practice cooperative behavior.Then make sure that most of the weight of the car is distributed to the back where the drive axle is located.