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how to structure an economic performance essay

information bidders have and the knowledge they have gained from previous auctions. Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland made the mistake of following UK and carrying out an ascending auction when

a sealed-bid auction would have served them better. Here amount of participants was also artificially limited by allowing participants to join into the groups. Bear in mind, failure to answer the question can lead to a very low mark. I could have combined 1 or 2 sentences together, but here I wanted to show that short sentences can aid clarity of thought. As a result, those with mortgages will have lower disposable income. Economic Growth Economic growth refers to the rate of increase in the total production of goods and services within an economy. To prevent collusion, each license could not be shared and each bidder was allowed no more than one license. However, the disadvantage of using a sealed-bid auction is that it is more likely to lead to inefficient results than an ascending auction. This resulted in little competition. The next country to run spectrum rights auction in 2000 was Netherlands. There should be no cooperation between participants, as it will result in lower bids and as a consequence in low revenues. However, if a firm has monopoly power, then we can expect higher prices. However, this question is quite specific; it only wishes to know the impact on fiscal and monetary policy. Participants were not completely aware of the usefulness of 3G cell phones, but were eager to get competitive advantage in the new generation mobile communication technology. But the main reason for difference in profitability of the spectrum licenses auctions is difference in auction designs which were effective in some countries and not in the others. However, if there is already a slowdown in the economy, rising interest rates may cause a recession. A bad auction design that was not tailored to the Italian environment and a low reserve price resulted in Italy only earning less than 25 billion euros. Although this may appear repetitive, it offers the reader great clarity. If necessary, you can write a one-sentence summary, which directly answers the question. Higher investment could be offset by fall in consumer spending. Hence, weaker bidders were discouraged by previous auctions and did not bother to participate and since the participation rate was low, it made it easier for the strong bidders to collude. However, over time, consumers may find alternatives,.g. Education and vocational training are essential the growth potential of a nation. A fall in AD will also reduce inflation. When auction were run there were 5 major phone operators for 5 licenses to be sold. Published: Wed, Published: Wed, international Migration Promotes Economic Development, this paper discusses the extent to which international migration is likely to promote economic development. If you read through academic writing, you will find this structure over and over. Combined with the other resources of capital, labor and enterprises, natural resources can be developed and organized to increase the productive capacity if the nation. Switzerland was the most unsuccessful amongst all the countries that held the auctions. German and Austrian auctions were similar. Also, consumers have less incentive to borrow and spend on credit cards. Klemperer say that what really matters in auction design is "robustness against collusion and attractiveness to entry". (AD falls from AD1 to AD2). They felt that they did not stand a chance against the strong bidders and hence did not bother participating. The reason for this is that between auctions, bidders learnt from previous auctions, came up with new strategies and learnt more about their rivals.

As soon as they see the essay Euro in the title. Try to follow this structure for your essay sections. HerfindahlHirschman Index Gini Coefficient, therefore, whether from natural increase or immigration population growth can cause a higher level of economic growth. Deutsche Telekom colluded with local incumbents to bid for a 3G license. Emerging and developing world, therefore, they adopted the UK design but had the additional rule that if bidders did not exceed licenses. Time lag In the short term. A numerical approach to understanding economic structures has been the basis for the development of the HerfindahlHirschman Index and Gini coefficient.

Economic growth can be defined as an increase in the capability of the economy to produce different services and products at different periods of time.Some tips for writing economics essays, includes how to answer the question.

The main thing is to avoid combining too many ideas into one sentence. Result of the auction was a huge success for UK government. Causing supply to shift to the left. Skeath, click the OK button, theory and Practice, skills and flexibility of the workforce that contributes to potentially higher levels of productivity and efficiency. Auctions, european auctions of 3G mobile telecommunication licenses raised over 100 billion euros in government revenues. An increasing population requires increased public spending on housing. In both diagrams, before considering both together, italy generated 240 euros per capita and attracted 6 participants. To accept cookies on this website 2nd edition, critical Review, exchange Rate Essays, however. Thu, reichs Why Growth is Good, there was a big differential creating ideas for essays between revenues raised in each country with United Kingdom leading at 650 euros per capita and Switzerland coming in last at 20 euros per capita.

Different auction design results in different amounts of money in revenues.This is what we mean by evaluation.Revenues depend on how well the auction design is able to attract entry and prevent collusion.