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corporal punishment should be abolished essay

indictment of it has been made in the succeeding two thousand years.12 By that boys should suffer corporal punishment, though it is received by custom, and Chrysippus makes no

objection to it, I by no means approve;. (Quintilian, Institutes of Oratory, 1856 edition, I, III)13. However, students will behave only because they perceive the punishment as a threat. Once his mind is affected, such a person can never be able to contribute positivity to the society. Using caning or spanking will not make that thing happens. Corporal punishment is a crime. 100) early and complete opposition to corporal punishment is notable. . The schools where the corporal punishment is allowed does not remain schools ever instead become prison and student becomes the prisoner. The practice of corporal punishment will create an unhealthy learning environment, causes psychological effects to students, paragraph and increase students aggressive behaviour. They will develop anxiety symptoms because they are too afraid of being punished. Teachers need to take special care of every child whom they teach in school because they are responsible for them.

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Some students might not want to attend move school and skip the classes as they are scared to attend the classes. And Egypt for both judicial and educational discipline. And deliver his soul from hell. Teachers need to replace the practice of corporal punishment or the consequences will be severe.

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Teachers are like gurus and what if the gurus only becomes a devil. Many people can be put to death without being guilty. Punishment to the wrong person, lethal injection is administered to the criminals so that they can die peacefully without pain. They will tend to do other things during class activities such as disturbing their friends which can disrupt the flow of a lesson. If the person is awarded capital punishment in spite of not doing the crime. Only a doctor and proper medication can prevent them from committing crimes. Individuals involved in drug trade and destroying the lives of others are delivered the capital punishment. Problematic students scholarships will become more rebellious and they will resent the teacher who punished them.