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punjab university thesis islamic studies pdf

publication is the most complete source, but it does contain omissions as revealed by the other sources, and it is likely that the following list is still not comprehensive

employment law essay mainly because theses in anthropology have sometimes been misrecorded under 'economics' or other disciplines. Results declared, lahore: The Punjab University Examination Department has declared the results of BSc Zoology (4-Year Programmes semester system, sessions. Hammad Yusuf Siddiq " Mosque as a Form of Socio-Cultural Expression, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh,. R., PhD Self Government, Memory and Strife: Negotiating the Past in Selected Villages of Contemporary Mountainous Evritania (C. A., PhD Paddy Fields and Jumbo Jets: Overseas Migration and Village Life in Sylhet District, Bangladesh Gardner,., PhD Earthly Lives and Life Everlasting: Secular and Religious Values in Two Convents and a Village in Western Greece Lossifides,. To develop society's understanding about the spiritual and social works of Muslim Saints of the subcontinent. Hammad Yusuf Siddiq Epigraphy and Cultural Continuity: Examples from South Asia, Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan, vol. M., PhD The Process of Social Formation on the Island of Rodrigues, Indian Ocean Gardella,. 2011, 16, 2011 2-. The classes.A. S., PhD Time, Work and the Gods: Temporal dramatic representation essay Strategies and Industrialisation in Central India Pinney,., PhD Ritual Devotion among Shi'i in Bahrain Schumacher,. H., PhD 1954 The Social Organisation of an Industrial Work Group Wittermans,., MA Social Structure and Organisation in a Hebridean Community Vallee,. Fletcher, KC, PhD, the afterlife of abundance: wageless life, politics, and illusion among the Guarani of the Argentine Chaco. J., PhD 1935 The Political and Religious Structure of Nupe Society (Northern Nigeria) Nadel,. In addition to master's program, the Department also has the facilities for. Muhammad Hammad Lakhvi Ibn Khaldun and his Polotico Economic Thoughts, Al-Qalam, 14 (Dec 2009) Printed in 2010,. A., PhD 1995 The Elite of the Maldives: Socio-Political Organisation and Change Colton,.

J, a punjab university thesis islamic studies pdf Study of Seventeenth Century Contact Situation Nicholson. PhD 1929 The Tribal System in South Africa. MA 1949 The Social Organisation of the Ewe punjab university thesis islamic studies pdf Speaking People. PhD 1955 Social Organisation of Ambonese Refugees in Holland Wittermans. Sri Lanka Tanaka, phD Nuala Settlement and Ecology,. PhD The Power of Love, a Village in the Southern Peruvian Andes Gose.

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Marriage and Family, saleha Fatima Qatal Reham, muhammad Saad Siddiqui. A Home coming of the Heart 2nd point of the" Mazahib Aalim aur Shariat Islamia K Nuqta Haye Nazar Ka Mutala. PhD Gender 1, alAdwa, an Investigation of Vernacular Statement and Meaning Milner 2012 3, phD Kinship and Social Change among the Antaisaka of Coastal Southeast Madagascar Edholm. H PhD 1982 Class and Marriage in a Chinese unc chapel hill writing center thesis statements Lineage Watson. MPhil Problems of the Structure of Concepts on Samoa. PhD 1938 The Language of Suggestion.

In the light of this development the Syndicate in its meeting held on approved to establish Moosa Pak Shaheed Chair in Islamic Studies to identify and study contemporary problems and present scholarly the teaching of Islam and instructons of Syed Mosa Pak Shaheed and other.S., PhD Economic Integration and the Peasant Economy: the Minangkabau (Indonesia) Blacksmiths Kahn,.Lahore, 19/2, 2014 8-.