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assign devices to intune

Apple Configurator. In the Apple token box, browse to the certificate (.pem) file, choose Open, and then choose Create. When the user turns on the device, Setup Assistant

runs with preconfigured settings and the device enrolls into management. The Apple portal assigns the specified devices to the Intune server for management and then displays Assignment Complete. In iOS 11 and later, DEP configured devices should always be supervised. All of your personal information, including email address, name, and IP address will be deleted from this site. The.pem file is used to request a trust-relationship certificate from the Apple Device Enrollment Program portal. (vicePhysicalIds -any _ -contains HRDept) (vicePhysicalIds -any _ -contains SalesDept) Resources:- Autopilot profile assignment using Intune. Scenario 1: Using the Include/Exclude functionality. Now lets take a look info the different policies in Intune: Configuration assign devices to intune Policies / PowerShell Scripts, assign policies to a limited set of users/devices by using: the Intune Include/Exclude policy assignments functionality. Choose Renew token and enter the Apple ID used to create the original token. For User Affinity, choose whether devices with this profile must enroll with or without an assigned user. Under Create Profile, enter a Name and Description for the profile for administrative purposes. As such, it is especially useful for corporate-owned devices. We will see in the later part of this post how you can assign a device to AutoPilot Profile. Choose whether or not you want the devices using this profile to be able to Sync with computers.

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To use the device, a sync is run automatically every 24 hours. If essay you chose Yes for Authenticate with Company Portal instead of Apple Setup Assistant. S terms and conditions, a full sync can run no more than once every seven days. AzureAD dynamic groups and assign them within the include policy assignment. And select the, the user must first authenticate by signing in using the Company Portal.

Use the Azure portal to assign device profiles and policies to use.Learn how to exclude groups from a profile assignment in Microsoft InTune.

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Where is AutoPilot Assign Profile Button intune in Intune Portal this post windows AutoPilot End to End Process Guide. Intune device configuration profiles let you exclude groups from policy assignment. Choose Your Server Token, wSTrust, choose Get Started for Device Enrollment Program. Use your key to download a token from Apple.