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exposed to other cultures and their customs. You can observe the community using several methods one being you could use observation sheets,go in the internet use the local library

contact people with expert knowledge. The top languages currently being used by patients within GP practices are Kurdish, Slovak, Farsi, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, French and Polish. 38 languages were requested Interpretation services within GP practices in 2008/09. You should try as much as possible to resist the impulse to make negative comments that could harm cordial relations with these people. Using one (or more) of the methods you outlined in Question 1, describe the range of services and agencies that exist within your local community to support diversity. They may themselves become intolerant of the outsiders. Children who are brought up in diverse communities need to have these values inculcated in their moral conscience while they are still young (Ogbu, 1992). Everyone has itee thesis cover page a role to play in ensuring those people who are marginalized on account of their cultural background are brought back into the mainstream community. This experience has taught me 1 page essay about sex how to study well under my own discipline and has enabled me to be successful in Running Start. Instead of differentiating one or two ways I want to have a variety of ways that will allow for different learning styles. I would contribute the experience of being an active member of a family of nine children. Charitable and voluntary organisations oxfam cancer research save the children Self-help groups AATo help people with drinking problems Alzheimers society-to help family to cope with loved ones who are suffering with alzhelmers. Org they are a Wigan based charity who help people with disabilities and their families that need support, advice and information.

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My second action is to vary my instructional techniques. You must not use this similarity to label them. I want to provide my students with a success criterion essay so they understand how I will be grading their work. PearsonAllyn and Bacon 2002, the growing ethnic diversity that has been experienced in the borough over the last ten years is likely to have had an effect on the religious makeup also. Describe the threats that exist to equality and diversity within the community.

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Not only does professional development help me become a better teacher but also the courses from Walden University 9page, show More, this person if female Hispanic, it is those experiences that strengthen our strengths and essay help our weaknesses. Something as simple as dressing in their traditional clothing can be a gesture of respect. Research the range of support services and networks that exist within the local community to support diversity and explain the specific roles they carry out and the users they support. Diversity Essay specifically for you for only. There is not enough cultural awareness. The dominant group should try as much as possible to ensure that equal opportunities are given to everyone. Today, in this case, it is even worse to pretend that they are not there when they are trying to make their presence felt.

The extremist is obviously an intolerant person who takes things to extremes.Teaching in a different country brings whole new experiences and places you outside of your comfort zone.Collaborating with my colleagues keeps me focused and engaged on tasks inside the school and classroom.