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the road not taken analysis essay

other may influence the whole life. The speaker chooses the path that is worn down because more people have taken. The traveler sees the two paths as very similar

or "just as fair" (6). Regardless of his choice, he knows that he will miss the experiences he might have encountered on the road not taken. I first read this poem in Elementary school but it always stuck with me whenever I would read it again. The point is how one treats this fact with regret or with curiosity. The speaker understands his consequences by stating that this way leads on to way which means if he doesnt turn back soon he might not be able to turn back because it might be too late. Though the title is contradictory to the subject of the poem it adds to the main meaning of the poem. Both paths are equally grassy and overlaid with leaves. In this poem the rhyme pattern goes like this: abaab. Looking back at the title it has a lot of symbolism because it speaks of the path that the speaker does not take leaving the person not knowing what could have been.

Frost introduces an idea that every decision consists of example essay on food security only two options. Oneapos, s decision in a mom helps son school assignment xxx critical situation could turn out to be a complete success or ultimate failure. The speaker looks down both roads and compares the two. To do something or not to do something. It is not a sigh of regret. Although the speaker persona will be sighing when he or she tells the story of this important life decision. What would have happened, meaning that the speaker persona is deep in thought pondering on which path he or she should take and whether or not it is and will be the right path. The hero is not a nonconformist who surely picks an untraveled road. The sigh may be both of relief and joy. It is a sigh of happiness.

The Road Not Taken As I read and analyzed this poem I became aware that it is indeed a great poem and that the reader must dig deep in order to find the true message of the poem. The wet leaves lay on the ground with dew or rain. The speaker states, even though he knows it is unlikely that he will get rhetorical analysis essay the opportunity again. On both roads, he is really saying that he was trying to predict what the future hold if he takes that path. Each and every one of us makes choices in our everyday life. Unworn and freshly blown onto the road how to use copyright.com for uni assignments where the decision maker stands. One more fact that deters the hero from making a choice is irreversibility. Had worn them really about the same and making a decision was quite an arduous. There is no point to hesitate or regret. When the author says he looked down one road as far as he could.