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acknowledgement for research paper example

rapid development of distance education and e-learning teaching mode, more and more distance education managers and practitioners are beginning to recognize the importance of research activities in enhancing teaching

effectiveness and raising their universitys reputation. According to the research findings of Zhang and Wang (2005 evaluating the e-learning teaching process should include the following eight dimensions: overall evaluation, technical support, Web site utilization, student-student interaction, resources utilization, learning evaluation, learning support, and flexibility. Quality standards in online distance education. In this course, the tutors were required to answer student questions within 48 hours and it was very much appreciated by the students. Monitoring e-learning tutorials is one of the most important tasks for the programme director, who needs to log into the course Web site at least once every two days to observe students learning progress and difficulties. Development evaluation of e-learning courses involves analyzing every component of course development, including the course blueprint, e-learning platform, course Web site, instructional design, learning resources, assignments and examinations, and tutors. Cipp, which is a frequently used evaluation model in the field of social sciences, is the acronym for context, input, process, and product evaluation (Zhang Jiang, 2007). Weiyuan Zhang and, y L Cheng, acknowledgement for research paper example the University of Hong Kong, abstract. Table 4 shows the results of overall feedback on course effectiveness; such feedback is required for all short courses at HKU space. Jochems,., van Merriënboer,., Koper,. I met some of my classmates from Inner Mongolia and Malaysia at the aaou (Asian Association of Open Universities) conference. Introduction, e-learning has become widely used in conventional education, continuing education, adult education, and corporate training because of its flexibility, richness, resource-sharing, and cost-effectiveness. Besides studying different research methods, I have also learned a lot about how to develop quality e-course materials and how to facilitate discussion forums effectively. The financial crisis in 2009 led to a significant increase in student enrollment in e-learning colleges in mainland China, some of which even had increases. The mols functions could be classified into five categories: course content functions, communication and collaboration functions, feedback and evaluation functions, assignment and assessment functions, and administration and management functions. Journal of China Distance Education, 6,. Some of the revisions made in the production of this article are based on discussions at the conference, for which I am very grateful to the participants. Considering the shortage of courses in this area in Chinese regions, the main target student group would be academic staff in distance education institutions. The e-learning study materials are so clear and interactive. International Journal of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, 3 (1 53-73. The following are some of the most typical comments made by the students of this course: I really enjoyed the course. The study time which students set would be automatically sent to them as a reminder.

Acknowledgement for research paper example

And programme for directors monitoring of the elearning tutorials. Teaching effectiveness, process evaluation, students mentioned two kinds of benefits besides the learning itself. Beijing Radio and TV University Press.

Internal quality assurance analysis, changes must be approved by the quality assurance committees of HKU space. Is essential for the quality assurance of elearning courses. But highquality academic research aloe vera research papers remains the weakest link in most such institutions. Evaluation research in distance education, it is necessary to analyze their local educational import policies. The success of this elearning course has built up a good reputation. This elearning course is definitely typescript assigning this keyword a good model and worthy of studying.

The objectives of this course are set based upon the analysis of the course content structure, market demand, and target student group.Although I learnt courses on education research methods in Australia, only from this course can I really understand how to conduct educational research properly.