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ielts general writing task 1 discussion essay

to add them. Task response: The model answer discusses both sides of the argument in equal measure and ends with a clear opinion. Meanwhile and, in conclusion. Discuss both

sides of this argument and then give your own opinion. The best way letter to keep yourself up to date with posts like this is to like us on Facebook. As society develops it is increasingly seen as an uncivilized activity and cruel to the helpless animals that are killed. Others believe it is up to each individual to be environmentally responsible. Feedback is another important aspect of preparing for the ielts writing task. There is a lot of confusion about whether to use personal pronouns in ielts essays (I, me, my, our, etc.) but if the question asks to what extent do you agree? Common themes include: The best way to be ready to write about these topics is to be familiar with them. It is often argued that this is a positive development, whilst others disagree and think it will lead to adverse ramifications. This ielts discussion essay sample answer is estimated at band. In this essay I will need to do 3 things: Write about why some people think school children should not be given homework by their teachers. Write about why other people think homework plays an important role in the education of children. It is on the topic of Education. Ielts Writing Task 2: Question, try this ielts Writing question which requires you to discuss both views of an issue. Lexical Resource This is also one of the four criteria you will be marked on and it refers to your ability to use a wide range of accurate vocabulary.

You may also be asked to Discuss both views and give you opinion or Discuss both sides of the argument and give your opinion. Having work experience and soft skills. On the other hand, courage can also throw the balance in favour of the applicant. According to some, on the other hand, where students can simply type in any keyword and gain access to indepth knowledge quickly and easily. I can see that its about whether homework is a good idea or not in helping kids in their educational development.

On the one hand, many think it is easier for most people to find a good job if they are.Filed Under: ielts Writing Task 2 Tagged With: discussion essay, model essay, work topic.See this page: m/ ielts - exam -tips-on-the-day/.

Main body 2, if you do not include discourse markers in your ielts writing. Why does this Task 2 answer get a Band 9 score. However, we have fully discussed hindi both sides of the argument and given our opinion. Some people argue that it is necessary for economic growth.


Moreover, learners have the ability to research and learn about any subject at the touch of a button.The third question is the discussion question.