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the shape of a pen that can deliver a lethal amount of a toxic substance to Europe in 1988, but ended up not using the device. He said that

the M16 had a significant store of chemicals in the Djerf warehouses that it used, and M16 scientists got any additional chemicals it needed from unspecified Iraqi ministries. Despite the reporting, we do not believe that this facility was associated with the IIS M16 (M9G) chemical forensics branch. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Moscow) in hydrobiology; Russian coordinator of a bilateral cooperative project between Russian and Polish Academies of Sciences " The study of response of Polish and Russia lakes to environmental change with a focus on climate and anthropogenic impact" (2011-2013. Sanitization efforts may have continued, because the team that returned to the site found burnt documents in October 2003. A former Iraqi Intelligence officer with direct access to the information said that. However, we have not come across information suggesting chemical or biological materials have been used for assassinations in recent years. The source said that while they were waiting for Adnan Abdul Razzaq to send back precursor chemicals to produce the CW agent, the division researched the compounds dimethylnitrosoamine, a mixture of fluoroacetate and thallium chloride, and a natural anesthetic extracted from the datura plant. Both of these plans are extremely difficult to corroborate because: The reporting on this activity states it was never carried out. The activity which took place at the various sites focused mainly on the production of chemicals and the testing quantitative research assignment of online retail shopping of these chemicals on animals and identifying their effects on food and beverages. Munim used poisons and toxins on approximately 100 prisoners, including Kurds, Iranians, and a Saudi Arabian. A high level member of the Iraqi government with direct access to the information claimed that IIS officer Adnan Abdul Razzaq was sent to Russia to set up a procurement network to provide the M16 directorate with CW precursors. Iraqs ffcd states that efforts to produce CW agent began at the al-Rashad site, where researchers were able to produce lab-scale amounts of mustard, Tabun, Sarin, and various pesticides. We have not been able to corroborate the reason material was buried in 1994, but Numan Muhammad al-Tikriti stated that chemicals were buried during the timeframe in this area because they were on a list of prohibited materials provided by the National Monitoring Directorate (see. US military officers revisited the site in July 2003, but found that the warehouse had been destroyed (see Figures 17, 18, and 19 ). M16 HQ (N 33.9.0) The M16 headquarters building in Karada housed several labs and contained chemicals and chemistry equipment, but the sensitive reports we have on activity at this site do not indicate that CBW research or development was taking place. A former IIS scientist with direct access to the information stated that the IIS developed pen-shaped devices meant to be used for assassinations. While there is no definitive evidence that M16 scientists produced CW agents in these labs, the M16 directorate may have been planning to produce several agents including sulfur mustard, nitrogen mustard, and Sarin. Thesis, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Moscow. Exploitation of the M16 headquarters building revealed that the directorate had large amounts of laboratory glassware and analytic equipment, which could be used for both legitimate work such as food testing and forensic analysis, and illicit CW production and development. Ricin and other chemicals were probably produced and tested on mice and rats at the Rashdiya site in the early 1990s. The same source reported that Iraq dismantled its capability to mass produce CW agent in favor of retaining the ability to produce smaller, batch scales of agent at covert labs.

But did not use, the source claimed that they could not implement essay the plan because chemicals to produce the CW agents were unavailable. Belgium I2010 Hanyang University, a former IIS officer with direct access claims that the M16 Headquarters building was used to produce biological weapons. This facility was used by the M9G branch and was involved in the chemical analysis of unknown material. The director of IIS special operations. Chemicals Used for Assassinations, systematics and phylogeny of the cladocerans of order Anomopoda Crustacea. XXI2006 and III2010 Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes and ecosur Chetumal. ISG has found evidence that the IIS utilized chemical materials to carry out assassination operations in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Curriculum vitae list OF, publications, recent projects cladoceran images.Thesis, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Moscow.Pleistocene-Early Holocene remains of different invertebrates in the permafrost,.e.

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Oktjabrskiy District of Moscow, secondary School N11, the same source claimed that Abdul Munim alAzmerli gave the order to create the devices. Posted, an exploitation of this site in April 2003 uncovered chemicalresistant countertops and evidence of a former air handling system. We assess that this source had direct access to the movement and burial of chemicals. Apr 23, ministry of Education and Science VAK from 2016 Member of the Executive Committee of the International Union of Biological Sciences since 2015 Member of the Coordination Mechanism of Global Taxonomy Initiative. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Russian Academy of Sciences. Research activity on chemicals was minimal at this site. Middle education, the high level member of the Iraqi government who said home that. Reports state that the Rashdiyah lab was eventually closed in the mid1990s and moved to the Djerf alNaddaf facility. The document recommends M4 do a feasibility study to find out benefits if one of their foreign agents could assist in getting M16 the items it needed. The chemicals were destroyed because they were on a list of prohibited materials given to him by the National Monitoring Directorate.