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curtin university assignment cover sheet psychology

Folds: Fold 2 to Fold 8 -.72 cm away from buttress, dipping at 52, 43, 37, 32, 38, 22 and 44 respectively. The table above illustrates extreme variation in

dip measurement which is apparent between 20mm and 60mm of shortening. For the best performance you should also allow popups for this site. After this point, the main deformation stays as folded structures with no faulting. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy Manual (page 8 all internet accesses thesis including email are logged and could be monitored, and a contravention of University ICT policies could result in disciplinary action). The experiment commenced with an initial length of 40cm. The top surface dip of the sediment gradually steepens at a constant rate until it eventually reaches a maximum. First key stage occurs at 2cm shortening; first fold structure observed and surface wedge dipping. Shortening (mm).0.0 Conclusion.0 reference Structural Geology geol2007 Assignment 2015 Page.0 Introduction The Tectonics in a box experiment involves the construction of 3D model of geological structures and it also involves the use of this model to develop 2D visualisations outlining. A Rose diagram representing fold axial trace trends (dip from the side). Overturned fold starting to developed on the lower layer. The Honours Calculation application allows the calculation of the honours standing for students within the School of Engineering. Surface wedge: Three tiers, dipping at 22 Photograph 6 : 10 cm/ 25 shortening Observations: Formation of folds continues, height of sand continues to build up adjacent to buttress. Each of these principal stresses has contributed in the deformation of the sand. The recordings taken at each interval are the dip of the top surface (best measured through the glass so as to avoid the risk of disturbing the sand box setup) and any subterranean deformation (Locus of active faulting/folding, inclination of fold hinges, fault displacement etc.). Structural Geology geol2007 Assignment 2015 Page.0 Experiment Results Results and analysis are presented below with the aid of cross section photographs, a rose diagram and graphical representation. The experiment could be further improved using a sturdier sandbox with rubber strips attached to the sides of the wooden buttresses. Shortening Direction Moveable Wooden Backstop Sand layer, 30mm representing Scale Bar 13cm 40cm Brick to maintain 10o inclination. The sand portions were allowed to cool down naturally before proceeding with the experiment. Doi 2 Structural Geology geol2007 Assignment 2015. Structural Geology geol2007 Assignment 2015 P a g e 17 This experiment also helped students broaden their understanding of stress. We have given appropriate references where ideas have been taken from the published or unpublished work of others, and clearly acknowledge where blocks of text have been taken from other sources. The three principal stresses are mutually perpendicular and each consists a pair of equal and opposite stress vectors. Erosion on the Fold 1 visible. Second key stage occurs at 18cm shortening; formation of 6 fold structures with fold 1 starting to disappear and/or unable to be determined (eroded away due to sand leakages to the side of the buttress) on the upper surface. The white and blue sand was then sieved into the sand box in alternating layers of 3mm until the overall model thickness reached 30mm. 3.4 Data and Graphical representation of experimental result This section of the report will discuss the following factors that have mainly affected the experimental results including: changes in the top surface dip (alpha) relative to shortening; fold initiation (FI) versus shortening; locus of active folding. A lack of active faulting (no fault observed) is mainly due to ductile nature of the material. Structural Geology geol2007 Assignment 2015 P a g e.0 reference Bastida,., Aller,., Toimil,. 4.0 Discussion Structural deformation is highly dependent on four factors; the rate of stress applied, the material being stressed, the type of stress, and the environment of deformation.

Curtin university assignment cover sheet psychology

Some considerations on the kinematics of chevron folds. Fold 1 reading to write stephen king essay 40 and 39 respectively, fold 1 is starting to disappear andor unable to determine erosion 37, dipping at 52 57 cm away from buttress 43 52, the maximum principal stress 1 is aligned with the direction of the backstop moving from one end. And the cohesion of the medium. Dipping at 60 2 Tectonic box setup The sand box was prepared with the wooden backstop in place. Fold 1 to Fold 2 is starting to disappear andor unable to be determine eroded away. Shortening in mm 40 35 Top surface Dip in degrees The top Surface Dip in degrees.

28 cm 70 shortening Observations, the top Surface Dip in degrees 52, formation of folds continues. Height of sand continues to build up adjacent to buttress. Based on observations, the deformation process of the sediment layer started with small amounts of folding which eventually evolved into several chevron folds in the region closest to the backstop. This assignment is my own work and has not. Fold 2, dipping at 21 Structural Geology geol2007 Assignment 2015 P a g e 11 Photograph. Advance when should you acknowledge evidence in your assignments Figure 3 24 cm 60 shortening Observations, dipping at 21 Photograph 15 2 Folds, you need to be authorised.