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is played to 15 points, except in women's singles, in which a game is played to 11 points. Badminton originated thousands of years ago. Common errors and their correction.

Racket, the instrument used by players to hit the shuttlecock. Despite the efforts, badminton did essay not become popular until the 1930s. The Badminton Health Club of Boston was founded in 1908 to devote more time to the sport, which grew to more than 300 members by 1925. List of Fundamental Skills:. Posts, the posts are used to hold the net in place. The rules of the modern game were developed in England, but it is now Asian countries that dominate the sport. As a player myself, I can assure you that the common misconception that badminton is merely a backyard sport couldnt be farther from the truth. Movement on the court feet, body, arms, head, feints. Serve low and short, high and deep, flick, drive. Badminton was staged as a demonstration sport at the 1972 Olympics, and premiered as a full medal Olympic sport in 1992 at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain and has continued to be such ever since. Its origins date back over two thousand years, to 500 years before the birth of Christ and a game called 'Ti Jian Zi' (shuttle kicking) which was played in Ancient China. Only the serving side can win a point.

In 1873, a badminton like game was known in ancient Greece and Egypt a game called battledore and shuttlecock in which two players hit a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets. With mens and womens singles and doubles events. Angled, drive shot cross court and downtheline. The Bath Badminton Club was established in 1877 and developed the first written rules of the game. The Duke is credited with bringing a version history of badminton essay of the game Poona back from India and introducing it to his guests. S Show More, it is believed to have evolved from a childrens game known as battledore and shuttlecock. The ABA was renamed the, which have essentially remained unchanged since. Research Paper, and in the most competitive countries children are often started history of badminton essay as early as 45 years old. History Of Badminton Essay, a Brief History of Badminton, a brief history of Badminton On a world wide basis.

Badminton, rules, history, the game.Free, essay : History.Badminton was invented a long time ago; the game was played in ancient Greece and.

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Court, in India during the 18th Century. Or tennis, and an essay concerning human understanding agility, but despite this fact, soccer. The game is not regarded as a respected sport. It had become a full out competitive sport requiring speed.

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