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acid rain essay conclusion

soil, depletion of minerals and other important elements from plants and trees, forest floods caused by acid rain, poisoning of water bodies, the harmful affect on animals consuming

this water. The death of small fish will lead to the death of larger animals, whichdepends on them for food. Acid rain is formed high in the clouds where sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react with water, oxygen, and oxidants. In the wake of David Cameroons famous 19th January speech titled let capitalism RIP, industrial workers in the UK had gone on strike in protest of the evils of the capitalistic employees. Cameron, though belonging to the capitalistic party, agreed to the evils and damages capitalism has plunged Britain into by coining a slogan let capitalism RIP implying that capitalism should die, in his speech on January 19 2012. This has raised concern in the global climate governance. The acids in the snow are then put into the soil. Students should conduct a thorough research to proffer all the necessary facts clearly. When this occurs, the runoff water adds the new acids to the acid rain, making a more acidic combination than the falling rain by itself. This is seenin the way they wantonly emit greenhouse gases to the environment, which in turn affects the climate. Sulfuric acid directly interferes with the fishs ability to take in salt, oxygen and nutrients crucial for daily life. These greenhouse gases forms a covering on the upper part of the earths atmosphere that traps the suns rays in the earth (World Almanac Books2000,. Aluminum that is always present in the soil is freed, and the toxic element is absorbed by the roots of trees. Acid rains spread and damage involves weather, chemistry, soil, and the life cycles of plants and animals on the land and from acid rain in the water. This can be beneficial, but because of increased deaths in the fish population due to acid rain, the decomposition process uses up a lot of the oxygen, which leaves less for the surviving fish to take. Some of the pH level effects are; At pH level six basic forms of food die off for fish. One of the main causes of acid rain is the sulfur dioxide. When ammonium sulfate reaches the soils, it reacts to form both sulfuric and nitric acid. Other natural sources of acids and bases in the atmosphere may lower or raise the pH of unpolluted rain. Acid rain is a huge problem which affects every person living in the world in some sort of way. Acid Rain is very tragic when it come to the life of fish, but when nitrogen-containing fertilizers are washed off into the lakes, the nitrogen stimulates the growth of algae, which logically would mean an increase in oxygen production, thus benefiting the fish. Climate-Crisis Capitalism, the quest for wealth creation as a result of capitalism has led to a condition termed climate-crisis capitalism. The global climatic outlook is an area of concern for many. The affects on the atmosphere are mostly due to dry deposition acid rain essay conclusion that was mentioned earlier. The reason why acid rain has such a large affect on aquatic ecosystems is because there as so many routes in which acidic chemicals can enter the water. This means that the continued global warming will lead to flooding, which in turn has a devastating effect on plants, human beings, andanimals. However, the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, do not help the situation and are largely to blame for approximately half of the emissions of this gas in the world. The increase has been averaged.8 u25E6C with the major part of the increase taking place from the beginning of 1980 (The National Academic Press 2011,. In addition, severe frosts may also further aggravate this situation.

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This causes a sudden drastic change in the pH level. This in return prevents the fish from absorbing oxygen. For freshwater fish, which is mainly propagated by capitalist. Such conditions also stimulate the growth of fungi and stanley kubrick essay pests like the ambrosia beetle. Rainwater, scientifically, global warming is also linked to acid rain experiencedin many places.

Acid rain essay conclusion

As a result, the questions world was jerkedto the reality of environmental dangers resulting from manmade activitiesincluding industrialization. Even clean, sulfuric acid releases heavy metals present in soils to be dissociated and released. Students should cover all the necessary relevant facts essay and comprehensively encompass the same in the essay. The United States of America withdrew from the protocol in 2001. A capitalistic regimeis a wealth creating regime. Unpolluted air has some particles such as dust or pollen.