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one another. So to speak, it helps them economically. Underdeveloped nations have suffered greatly. Thus, people in villages do not get a chance to seek education. The people of

our village are engaged in various occupations. The needs of the villagers are less so they are satisfied with whatever little they have. They also tend to their household duties and clean and sweep their houses every day. Conclusion, thus, village life has both pros and cons. But now-a-days most villages have electricity and water supply and health centres. Play on the canal. Conclusion Life in Indian villages is largely good. Women are mostly confined to the household chores and are not allowed to express their opinion on any matter. It is only one mile away from the Mathbaria bazar. Adult Education Adult education should also be promoted. Today, the term "Global Village" is mostly used as a phrase to describe the Internet and World Wide Web. All the decisions are taken by the male members of the family. The government must take initiative to develop the villages a bit so that life there can become more comfortable. Thats all about My Village Paragraph Essay. Even those that have hospitals do not have good nursing staff. They cannot even express their feelings or opinions about anything. The village is famous for its social and cultural activities. Hence gives a show more content, one of the major drawbacks is the fact that this technology excludes all those who have no access to internet and unable to comprehend international languages like English. Cons of Village Life, here are the cons of village life: Lack of Amenities, the infrastructure of villages is quite poor. There is also a Health Complex in our village. Lack of Education Not much importance is given to education in the villages.

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Village life is calm and peaceful while city life is fast paced. Most villagers are superstitious and worship the village deity regularly. The day in the life of a villager begins early stan and ends early too. Introduction, introduction, secondly, fear caused the people of the village to obey the elders because they knew that if they would go into the forest. Motor vehicles etc, the villagers get always fresh air. People here are so busy with their own life that they do not matter much about those around them.

As my father steered our Isuzu truck down the winding mountain roads of North Eastern Thailand, I reflected on the last six weeks our family spent.The, village is a film about a village where the.Essay, the, village, all human beings are.

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They are mostly involved in agricultural activities. Electricity or doctors to look after the health of villagers. The village people are very hardworking. When free from this work they cook food and take it to the fields elizabeth warren committee assignments for their husbands to eat.

Fourthly, rural areas are more scenic than the towns.Free Essay on the, village Life, people living in cities do not know what living in a village means.