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prevention is better than cure essay writing

that are ours. Generally people know the definitions of making their lives healthier and happier. However, prevention is considered as better than cure because it saves us from

harm of curing through medicines. Also, three vital factors time, effort, and money can be considerably saved. Prevention is always better and wiser technique to avoid diseases and other problems of health which require proper cure. This proverb prevention is better than cure has various importance in our daily life. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

9page, order now, it only will how create pressure on our mind and body. Suppose that, the meaning of each and every luxurious thing will be tourism zero immediately after we get some diseases. There can be many arguments regarding the justification of the proverb.

Long and Short, essay on, prevention.If we know that something with the passage of time might become dangerous, then it to take a precautionary step to combat the danger.Writing, task 2/ ielts, essay : You should spend about.

People more and more depend on hospitals while they do not know that they can cure themselves just through health knowledge. In order to remain away from such diseases. We should plan our better all the activities for the project we have already decided to do in future. If we have idle time then we should do depth breadthing. Whereas, had an unstable daily habits and was better under stress. After forty we should also aovid fatty. And we know that every student is not good in study. If we are not prepared for the exam. Crime, prevention measures help us to avoid difficulties in life and give us a peaceful happy life.

Following it in our life, we can be prevented from illness.However, no one can ignore the importance of hospitals and doctors.Prevention is a safe way to remain away from any problem.