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expectation in class essay

I could do what I wanted. Over the years, I have grown fond of learning the English Language and of using it as a means of communication. The

first and second meeting have been pleasant and interesting. I hope with the help of my professor and classmates I can make the most of this class. It never accor to me that they may have classes when I don't. The classes that I have now take all of my time. My expectations of college were so high I couldn't wait to get there. And when you add in all of the time you spend how to use copyright.com for uni assignments in class and doing your home work there really isn't that much time to spend running around with all of your friends. Since when you go to college you get to pick all your classes I couldn't go wrong. ESL 051: Illustration essay, my expectation for this class, every since I came to this country, I have wanted to improve my English.

If not increase it, i have strengths I wish to expend on and weaknesses to work. I thought that I could take what ever I wanted and I could make an easy schedule with lots of time to spare. M in my second semester I think that I can handle all of the work with the right time management. But when reality set in there is no time to party accept on the weekends. As I study higher English, t spend the a little time on my school work every night I will fall so far behind that I want be able to catch.

My, expectations, for This, class.Ratiazack November 19, 2014 My first expectation, i had for this class was to be drilled with material on how to communicate.

T have an essay or report due for one of my teachers. This semester there is not a week that goes by flinders thesis requirments that I donapos. I am looking forward to participating in group activities. I hope that I can improve my speaking and writing ability in this class and as I take on hinger English that I may convey my feelings and thoughts better using this language. For me it was to go to college. I am hoping that this class will help me remember what I have forgotten. Which is why it would be nice if there can be a positive relationship established between the students and the teacher in which the students can then comfortably approach the teacher even when outside the classroom. I have heard numerous stories and experiences from college students that most college professors are indifferent towards their students. I hope that that is not the case especially in this subject. The classes that you get in college are nothing like you experience in high school.

I   am looking   forward   to   learning   how   to   write   effectively,   improve   my   grammar   and   become   a   better   writer.  I   used   to   dread   writing   assignments, but   I   have   come   to   realize   that writing is a part of   life.When it comes to writing, I   have   more   weaknesses   then   strengths.