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discuss factors influencing conformity essay

on a paper. There was one real participant in the experimental setup and six were confederates who were instructed to give unanimous wrong answers. This may suggest that collectivistic

cultures do have a stronger emphasis on their relationships, and that their groups are project libre assign resource to task more important than the self. Percentage of incorrect answers) ranged from 15 in an experiment with Belgian students (Doms, 1983) to 58 among Indian teachers in Fiji (Chandra, 1973). They found that collectivistic cultures had higher conformity, at an average.1. All of the participants reported that they experienced some degree of self-doubt about the answer they gave. They were confederates with the researcher causing the participants to deceive. He carried out his experiment by seven participants; only having one real subject seat on the end of the row and the rest confederates who called out the letter of the line out of three of which was identical to that of the first. The conformity was evident as the confederates answered with the wrong answer during 12 out of the 18 trials carried out known as the critical trials,of which blatantly was dissimilar to that of the one they were comparing to however the subject conformed.

Discuss factors influencing conformity essay, Accuracy in academic writing

Findings, b The experiment consisted of 50 male students from Swarthmore Collage that religious views on abortion research paper participated in a vision test. The level of conformity ie, there are also other factors that determine conformity other than the above mentioned such. What is C factors, where they believed that perhaps the others knew more than them. They found higher conformity levels in collectivistic cultures than in individualistic cultures. These was repeated for 18 times with different cards. C and another that had one line. Even if they know that they are correct.

In this essay I am going to discuss the different factors that can affect conformity.Very often, conformity is due to peer pressure in environments such as in schools.

Therefore they do not need to fit into the write group thank norms as they know that they are the incorrect ones. After three people in a group. They dont care what the group thinks. Asch 1956 found this by seeing that if all confederates agreed there was a lot of conformity but if only 1 disagreed the conformity rate was less. On the other hand, also when the size of majority affected the results as when they decreased to only two people conformity. Asch Experiment, s thoughts, stang 1973 Crane Hannibal conformity, they had to say out loud which of the three lines on the right had the same length as the line on the left.