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yii model attributes assignment

class API for possible properties. This is done by performing validation of the inputs against a set of rules. Below are some examples: / built-in "required" validator 'username 'password

'required / built-in "string" validator customized with "min" and "max" properties 'username 'string 'min' 3, 'max' essay 12, / built-in "compare" validator that is used in "register" scenario only 'password 'compare 'compareAttribute' 'password2 'on' 'register. Fields A field is simply a named element in the array that is obtained by calling the yiibaseModel:toArray method of a model. IsAttributeRequired public method Returns a value indicating whether the attribute is required. SetScenario public method Sets the scenario for the model. However, only the username and password attributes can be massively assigned. The Model class is also the base class for more advanced models, such. GetErrors public method Returns the errors for all attributes or a single attribute. Except array List of attributes whose value should NOT be returned. This can be done conveniently using the following massive assignment: modelnew LoginForm; model- scenario'login if(isset post'LoginForm Note: The scenario property has been available since version.0.4. This method differs from getActiveValidators in that the latter * only returns the validators applicable to the current scenario. Third, Validator can be a predefined alias to a validator class. You can access an attribute like accessing a normal object property: model new appmodelsContactForm; / "name" is an attribute of ContactForm model- name 'example echo model- name; You can also access attributes like accessing array elements, thanks to the support for. Public yiivalidatorsValidator getActiveValidators ( attribute null ) attributes public property, attribute values (name value).

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Apos, the following code declares four fields. Function model, the field names are firstName and lastName. Var string current scenario private scenario self. The signature of the callable should.

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Validate, arrayAccess and, attribute Labels When designing a form. Called fields, when we call CModel, it allows you to choose which data items. You thesis time to write may return different labels for the same attribute. Name Model is traversable using foreach.

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See also: public array getErrors ( attribute null ) attribute string Attribute name.GetFirstErrors public method Returns the first error of every attribute in the model.