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the collaborative presentation attached. This increases their digital literacy skills and also makes their documents more accessible to students with disabilities. You can share the classroom folder as anyone

in the class can view. . As you work on it, your essay teacher can review your progress before writing you click. You can click on Change to allow for anyone with the link to the folder can view. You do this by going to the Writing Journal assignment folder in Google Drive. Google Classroom Announcement As the teacher, you have access to ALL of the student journals from your Google Drive folder for the assignment. #031 Journal Entry #4 Locate your #016 Writing Journal. They will click on the Add button and choose the chain link icon. When a students submits the journal the ownership switches from student to teacher. Note that you need to link to the original Writing Journal assignment. Sign in with your Google Account.

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Insert images or embed video, change font size, you can also copy and paste the email addresses of all your essay google classroom students into the Invite people box at the bottom. If thereapos, choose the second option that only the owner can change the permissions. This means you can not bold text. You can also vary essay google classroom the font size. Click Here to obtain a copy of a sample document. Patrick also asked how to share student writing journals with the class.

It is really important to teach students about using headings. Also make this a level 1 header. You can see work assigned to you in the class stream.

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When creating assignments the directions space is not a rich text editor.Google, doc can be more detailed.