64 On the economy edit See also: Military Keynesianism Once a war has ended, losing nations are sometimes required to pay war reparations to the victorious nations.The chief and most obvious of such groups is the military.

Anwar sadat essay

these currents left their mark on the life of Sadat, yet not a trace of them is to be found in Finklestone's account. The uncertainty concerning the effects

World heritage and war: linee guida per interventi a salvaguardia dei beni culturali nelle aree a rischio bellico.Virile self images and recognition as a Great Power or non-recognition (exclusion and punishment of great powers, denying traumatic historical events) is a principal cause of international conflict and war.The variety of these behaviour patterns is such that they can be used on both sides of an argument concerning, for example, whether or not men have an innate tendency to be aggressive.

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