Having the tendency to alter or change, exhibit variety or diversity, not conform, or differ from the usual type.Deviating from a standard, usually by only a slight difference.Throughout the game, Variants will frequently foreshadow numerous events to come and a number of game's elements, such as Trager and his torture methods, the Walrider and nanites, etc.

He will often comment on how Miles looks 'silky' and complains about an itch, among other disjointed phrases.Variant an organism or tissue that is different from the majority of the population but is still sufficiently similar to the common mode to be considered to be one of them,.g.Upon entering, Trager and the hostage converse before Richard quickly murders him by thrusting a pair of gutter shears through the man's chest.

Something that differs in some characteristic from the class to which it belongs.Having or exhibiting variation; differing.