In their speech speakers also unintentionally communicate many aspects of their social position such as sex, age, place of origin (through accent physical states (alertness and sleepiness, vigor or weakness, health or illness psychic states (emotions or moods physico-psychic states (sobriety or drunkenness, normal consciousness.Further reading edit External links edit).Tom's speech quieted the crowd.

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Power, Camilla. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. Language is not necessarily spoken: it might alternatively be written or signed. Equally metaphorical is the strategy of representing temporal patterns on

He gave an effective speech.Manner of articulation refers to the manner in which the speech organs interact, such as how closely the air is restricted, what form of airstream is used (e.g.Tyler, Lorraine.; Marslen-Wilson, William (2009).

People talk to themselves sometimes in acts that are a development of what some psychologists (e.g., Lev Vygotsky ) have maintained is the use in thinking of silent speech in an interior monologue to vivify and organize cognition, sometimes in the momentary adoption.He was startled beyond speech.Nadel, Encyclopedia of cognitive science.