Invitations to treat edit, an invitation to treat is not an offer, but an indication of a person's willingness to negotiate a contract.Death of offeree edit An offer is rendered invalid upon the death of the offeree.Acceptance edit A promise or act on the part of an offeree indicating a willingness to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in an offer.

The expression of an offer may take different forms, such as a letter, newspaper advertisement, fax, email and even conduct, as long as it communicates the basis on which the offeror is prepared to contract.If the offer was made to the entire world, such as in Carlill's case, 5 the revocation must take a form that is similar to the offer.

Indeed, it has been argued that the "meeting of the minds" idea is entirely a modern error: 19th century judges spoke of "consensus ad idem" which modern teachers have wrongly translated as "meeting of minds" but actually means "agreement to the same thing".It's a pre-offer communication.