The kick was no good.View in context, i stand nearly as high as you, but your legs are a good three inches longer above your knee than mine, and of course you can take a much longer step and go much faster.View in context, and thus much to show whether the virtue of a good man and an excellent citizen is the same, or if it is different, and also how far it is the same, and how far different.

And so, you and Homer and Simonides are agreed that justice is an art of theft; to be practised however for the good of friends and for the harm of enemies -that was what you were saying?Test your visual vocabulary with our 10-question challenge!View in context, socrates: And the other goods, such as wealth and the like, of which we were just now saying that they are sometimes good and sometimes evil, do not they also become profitable or hurtful, accordingly as the soul guides and uses them.

Cooke for good or less commonly for good and all : forever, permanently She's gone for good.Good had a knife, at the back of which was one of those hooks that are made to extract stones from horses' hoofs.