The shares of Huaneng Power International was owned by aforementioned Huaneng International Power Development Corporation, but in recent years China Huaneng Group also owned some shares directly."L Péng tóng yì huán éng jí tuán chéng lì bèi hòu: Gng s yu hěn du z jn".

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The latter, however, is to be closed by 2016 as part of Beijing 's plan to eradicate pollution.I have decided to let this Goodreads account of mine.It engages in the investment, construction, operation and management of power generation assets and the production and sale of electricity power.

11 It was resold to China Huaneng Group's listed subsidiary Huaneng Power International in the same year."Huaneng Renewables posts 13 higher net profit in 2017".Page/Link, page URL: html link: a href"ml" chng /a Citations.