The coins that you purchase are meant to increase your playtime and status within the game.While they are baking, in a mixing bowl, whisk together olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.By its very nature, the random element grants better luck to some, but not to others at any given time.

To keep this dressing as easy to make as possible (as well as eliminating any risk that goes with raw eggs I chose to make mine with mayonnaise and sour cream. .To me, no salad is complete without croutons and garlic croutons, well, that just makes everything better!Cube up (or tear) some day old bakery bread. .

Whenever we go out to a restaurant, I always order a caesar salad with my meal. . Usually I would just buy a bottle of dressing to have caesar salad at home, but no more and once you try this recipe, youll be ditching that bottle too!